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By training your own shrink wrap installation team you will be able to bring this service ‘in-house’ and carry out shrink wrap installation jobs using your own labour. Because shrink wrap looks very different to traditional sheeting, it can also help to differentiate your company from competitors.

Our shrink wrap training is provided by our most senior shrink wrap installers, meaning they have plenty of experience in the application of shrink wrap and the training of operatives. Upon completion of the training session, a certificate of competency is awarded to all the trained operatives.

We can supply our shrink wrap training sessions in any location across the globe and we generally find that between 4-6 operatives is the optimum number of people to be trained. Our training sessions last roughly half a day and teach you everything you need to know to get started shrink wrapping. With our training sessions, if you were also looking to purchase materials and equipment, the trainers could bring this with them to help save you on any potential delivery costs!


Frequently asked questions about our shrink wrap training

Helpie FAQ

  • Where does a shrink wrap training session take place?

    We can provide training on a temporary structure at your yard / premises or on a ‘live’ job. No classroom is required as the course is based mainly on assessment of practical skills.

  • How many people can you train?

    We find a ratio of 4 trainees to one trainer is ideal but up to 6 is OK.

  • How long does a shrink wrap training session last?

    An initial training session on a small scaffolding structure at your site for a team of 4 will typically last 4-6 hours. ‘Live job’ training generally lasts longer and may be a full day depending on your requirements.

  • Do you issue a certificate?

    Certification is based on a practical assessment of shrink-wrapping skills by our trainer and a short multiple-choice test. This practical assessment and scoring are the system we use for training our own installation teams. Once completed, we provide copies of these records and certificates so that you can provide evidence of the competencies of your team to your customers.

  • Can you train on a live project?

    We can supply an individual trainer or a small team to work alongside your team on a ‘live’ job which means that your team receive training and the knowledge to start working independently.

  • I am not based in Denmark; can you still provide training?

    We work with customers from all over the world and regularly provide shrink wrap training outside of Denmark. Let us know where, when and how many people and we will get back to you with costs immediately.

  • Is shrink wrapping difficult?

    Welding and shrinking are the two main skills required to carry out almost any scaffold encapsulation and containment job. These skills can be taught in an hour or two. The challenge of shrink wrapping (and also the benefit) is that because it is so versatile – it can be used on the roofs / sides of any shape and any sized scaffold, every project is a little different and ‘custom’. Therefore, it is one of those skills that develops with practice and experience to a variety of projects over time. That is why our trainers are time served members of our own installation teams so they can impart valuable real-life knowledge to your teams and not just the theory.