“At Rhino, we believe that sustainability is the collective responsibility of our team, suppliers & customers”


100% Recyclable

Scaffold sheeting accounts for many tons of plastic construction waste each year. Traditional ‘re-usable’ sheeting for scaffolding, (typically applied to the scaffolding structure using bungee cords around each scaffolding lift), can be difficult to recycle because of fixings / eyelets and the plastic reinforcement. It is not impossible to recycle this type of sheeting but due to its mixed nature it is typically very low grade and as such of low future value.

Shrink Wrap sheeting is manufactured from virgin resins but because it has no reinforcing scrim or eyelets is easily 100% recyclable. Shrink wrap can be recycled into other plastic goods such as furniture, traffic cones, rainwater goods and composite decking


Removal Service

Most customers remove the shrink wrap sheeting themselves using their own labour, but if required, Rhino’s installation teams can remove the shrink wrap sheeting and return the film to our site for weighing and the issue of a certificate. An additional charge may apply for shrink wrap removal services.


What else to Rhino do?

  • Ensure that we use cardboard cores or recycled plastic cores for all of our shrink wrap rolls.
  • Provide free resources and training to reduce wastage and use shrink wrap efficiently.
  • Research new techniques for applying shrink wrapping to reduce waste and damage.

Recycling forms part of our ‘Environmental Policy’. You can download a copy here:


Frequently asked questions about recycling scaffold shrink wrap

Helpie FAQ

  • Can I get paid for recycling?

    Unless you have very large quantities, then it is unlikely that a recycling company will pay you for scaffold shrink wrap, however, for a company that values high quality LDPE they may take it for a small administration fee to cover the necessary paperwork.

  • Do you use recycled material for making new shrink wrap?

    In order to engineer a shrink wrap film with the mechanical properties and consistency needed for demanding construction applications it is not possible to reuse recycled materials for manufacturing.

  • Can I re-use shrink wrap after it has been removed?

    Shrink wrap is heat shrunk ‘drum tight’ so that it moulds very tightly around the sides and roof of a scaffolding structure. However, it is not possible to shrink the sheeting twice which means that once it has been removed from the scaffolding it must be collected for recycling.