The Rhino Difference

Total Encapsulation
Drum Tight
Impact Resistance
The Rhino Difference

Robust Encapsulation & Containment

Creating robust shrink wrap encapsulation and containment around scaffold or large industrial and marine projects needs a shrink wrap film that is engineered to work in the most challenging conditions.

Typically however, scaffold shrink wrap sold around the world today is standard plastic sheeting that is just called ‘scaffold wrap’ or ‘boat wrap’. When the sheeting fails or doesn’t perform properly this causes huge problems for scaffolders and contractors.

Developing the best scaffold shrink wrap in the world did not happen by chance. It has taken us 15 years of teamwork, involving work in the laboratory and testing of hundreds of samples in real world situations. The result is a technical shrink wrap sheeting adapting to give our customers the greatest technical and commercial advantage.

  • When Rhino Shrink Wrap is heat welded it stays welded. No taping required.
  • It shrinks powerfully and biaxially to achieve a ‘drum tight’ finish with no wrinkles, creases, thin patches or streaks.
  • High tensile strength and impact tolerance to withstand wind loadings.
The Rhino Difference

How We Do It

  • 100% fractional melt virgin resin that is not reprocessed / recycled material, with a primary mixture of low density polyethylene (LDPE).
  • Wide range of co extrusion lines utilising multi layer technology allows us to combine additives such as flame retardant and UVI to maximise performance even in the most challenging environments.
  • In house laboratory to monitor quality through the production process to create a product with very tight tolerances. If we say that it is 300 microns thick, it will be.
The Rhino Difference

Flextech & Rhino Shrink Wrap

A common misconception is that companies like Rhino Shrink Wrap, (i.e. specialist suppliers of shrink wrap films for construction, industry and marine applications), also manufacture their film in-house. Despite appearances, this is never the case and any shrink wrap company who claims they are the ‘manufacturer’ is not being transparent.

Extruding high performance shrink wrap film is a highly specialised process. The installation of shrink wrap film around scaffolding also requires specialised knowledge of the process and challenges. Our exclusive production partner is Flextech, based near Turin in North West Italy. Our partnership works because each company is a specialist in their own field but with a joint ‘quality first’ mentality. 

Flextech are at the forefront of film development for a wide range of high tech applications. They are committed to making the production process ever more sustainable – photovoltaic panels supply energy required in the manufacturing process and plastic waste is converted into outer packaging materials to ensure our products arrive in great condition, whatever the destination. 

Rhino’s installation teams use our own products daily so we have a deep understanding of the industrial grade shrink wrap film. We are committed to providing the best education and resources for our customers. We are also committed to improving the sustainability of the the scaffold wrapping. Our shrink wrap is 100% recyclable and we have developed the capability to remove and bail for re-processing.