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Rhino Shrink Wrap are specialist suppliers of shrink-wrapping materials for the construction, industrial and marine market.

Our products are engineered to provide robust weather protection, dust containment and temperature control in even the most challenging environments.

Rhino Shrink Wrapping Gun

The Rhino Shrink Wrapping heat tool is supplied with everything you need to start shrink wrapping including an 8m hose, gas regulator, adjustable spanner, maintenance oil and operating instructions.

Shrink Wrap Tape

Our premium grade shrink wrap tape or 'patch tape' is a robust polyethylene backed tape with a powerful adhesive backing, designed to ensure that the tape remains stuck to the shrink wrap sheeting even at low temperatures or after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Zip Access Doors

Our U-Shaped Zipper access doors allow you to gain easy access into a shrink-wrapped area. Once closed, the door will maintain weather protection or containment of dust and contaminants. Supplied as either 1.2m or 1.8m zipper access doors.

Roll Up Doors

Rhino 'Roll Up' zippers completely roll up out of the way and leaves no 'lip' to step over. Because of this, the 'Roll Up' door is typically used where the movement of machinery or equipment is required. Supplied as either 2.4m or 3.6m roll up zippers.

Shrink Wrap Clips

Shrink wrapping clips are sometimes known as scaffold clips. They are used during scaffold shrink wrapping to hold sheets of shrink wrap film in position before they are heat welded together. Re-usable scaffold shrink wrap clips are a more sustainable alternative to patch tape.

Construction Grade Shrink Wrap

Our construction grade shrink wrap is 300 microns thick and supplied as either 7m wide x 15m long or 12m wide x 25m long. Our scaffold hrink wrap is certified flame retardant to EN13501. Engineered to shrink powerfully and weld easily whatever the conditions. ISO9001 manufacturing facilities ensure complete consistency between rolls.

Industrial / Marine Grade Shrink Wrap

We also have a range of standard grade, non-flame-retardant shrink wrap. This film comes in a range of different sizes and thicknesses. Our Standard Grade wrap is either 200 microns or 250 microns thick and is supplied in lengths of 50m. It also comes in a range of different widths ranging from 8 metres wide up to 16 metres wide.