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Shrink Wrap Installations

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What We Do

Installation Services

In addition to supplying shrink wrap materials, equipment and training services, Rhino Shrink Wrap provide on-site shrink wrap installation services to scaffolders and main contractors. By providing a full ‘supply & fix’ service, we are using our own products day in and day out and this helps us have a great knowledge of our products and the challenges of our customers on site.

Typical projects for our installation team include:

  • Shrink wrapping scaffolding to provide weather protection or environmental containment.
  • Creating temporary interior partitions.
  • Encapsulating RC frame buildings without scaffolding to create temporary external cladding or building screens.
  • Shrink wrapping modular buildings and offsite elements to protect for transportation to the construction site.
  • Shrink wrapping temporary roofs.
  • Creating yacht painting tents.
  • No heat shrink wrapping.

Frequently asked questions about our shrink wrap installations

Helpie FAQ

  • What is the lead time for shrink wrap installation services?

    Ideally 1-2 weeks’ notice is great, but we understand the nature of certain projects means that you may not always have this much notice so we will always try and be flexible to meet your deadlines.

  • Do you use a propane gas gun?

    Yes, however electric guns are available but they require three phase electricity supply, are cumbersome to use, cost three times as much and are still only about 1/3 of the power so the job will take much longer.

  • What warranty is supplied for installation services?

    Our standard warranty for shrink wrap that we install is 25 weeks subject to wind speeds up to and including 47mph.

  • How many square metres can a team install in a day?

    We work on a 100m2 per man per day for scaffolding encapsulation & containment sheeting.

  • Is shrink wrapping difficult?

    Welding and shrinking are the two main skills required to carry out almost any scaffold encapsulation and containment job. These skills can be taught in an hour or two. The challenge of shrink wrapping (and also the benefit) is that because it is so versatile – it can be used on the roofs / sides of any shape and any sized scaffold; every project is a little different and ‘custom’. Therefore, it is one of those skills that develops with practice and experience to a variety of projects over time. That is why our trainers are time served members of our own installation teams so they can impart valuable real-life knowledge to your teams and not just the theory.